![Introducción.png]( **Welcome to the daily curation report of THEUNION project.** The @theunion project was created to reward and contribute to the growth of steemit users, who publish 100% original content, helping us to have greater visibility on the platform, always using the slogan «The Union Makes the Force», whose base is mutual support When you click on the image, you will access the original publication, then the curated images will be presented on 08/02/20. >El proyecto @theunion fue creado para recompensar y contribuir en el crecimiento de los stemians que publican contenido 100% original ayudándoles con ello a tener una mayor visibilidad en la plataforma, siempre llevando como lema «La Unión hace la Fuerza» cuya base es el apoyo mutuo. Haciendo click en la imágen te llevará a la publicación original, a continuación se presentan las imágenes curadas del día 08/02/20. ![Articulos votados.png]( @faltermann | All melts away | ———–|————| [![1.jpg](]( On my tours last year I could find this mushroom in many places along the forest paths. As long as the hat is still closed you can eat the mushroom… ![La union hace la fuerza.png]( @bambuka | And again the squirrels | ———–|————| [![3.jpg](]( To see the squirrel, it is not necessary to go to the forest and take a dog with you. No need to hunt her. It is enough to take a walk in the city park… ![La union hace la fuerza.png]( @andy4475 | Monochrome Landscape Photography  | ———–|————| [![5.jpg](]( Today as I sit here typing the weather outside is extremely rainy with very high winds caused from «Storm Ciara». Which is sweeping it’s way across England in the United Kingdom, where I live… ![La union hace la fuerza.png]( @sunscape | AnimalSunday Photography «My Chipmunk Buddy» | ———–|————| [![4.jpg](]( One of my favorite parts of summer is enjoying my daily visit from the chipmunks. They have gotten quite used to us and come boldly asking for nuts and seeds on a regular basis… ![La union hace la fuerza.png]( @kibela | Rock rabbit: Tired | ———–|————| [![2.jpg](]( This is the rock hyrax (Procavia capensis), also called Cape hyrax or rock rabbit, and he seems tired) Powerlessly and lazily he fell apart on a tree trunk and lay there at least all the time I was near, for about 15 minutes… ![La union hace la fuerza.png]( All ideas expressed in our daily curation publications are the responsibility of their authors and are used to refer to their publication. They do not reflect the opinion of **THEUNION** >Todas las ideas expresadas en nuestras publicaciones diarias de curación son responsabilidad de sus autores y se usan para hacer referencia a su publicación. No reflejan la opinión de **THEUNION** ![Steemauto.png]( Do you want to be part of theunion and heal with us? You can follow our trail at []( and set your vote in the curation trail category. Help us to cure content that deserves to be recognized and valued by all. You can also automatically vote all our publications from in the fanbase category. >¿Quieres formar parte de theunion y curar con nosotros? Puedes seguir nuestro trail en []( y configurar tu voto en la categoría **curation trail**. Ayúdanos a curar contenido que merece ser reconocido y valorado por todos. También puedes votar en automático todas nuestras publicaciones desde la categoría **fanbase**. ![Discord.png]( [![Captura de pantalla (113).png](]( Meet other members of the community and receive their support. Promote your steemit publications in our promotional, post-promoted and steempress-post channels. You can join our discord channel by clicking on the image. ![Delegaciones.png]( **Delegation links for Theunion** > **Enlaces para delegar a Theunion** | | | | | | ———–|————|————-|————|————-| | [25]( | [50]( | [100]( | [250]( | [500]( | After clicking on the link, you must accept the amount of **sp**, then your name will be included **steemit user** and your **active private key** and accept it. Remember to leave at least **50SP** in your account. > Después de hacer clic en el enlace, deberás aceptar la cantidad de **sp**, a continuación ingresa tu nombre de **usuario de steemit** y tu **clave activa privada** y dale aceptar. Recuerde dejar al menos **50SP** en tu cuenta. ![Nuestros testigos.png]( You can support our witnesses by clicking on their respective images >Puedes apoyar a nuestros testigos dando click a su respectiva imagen. [![Banner qurator.png](]( [![Steempress.png](]( ![Administracion.png]( @lourdeshd6 | @nicanor-mosquera ![La union hace la fuerza.png](

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